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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Health, Wealth and Stealth Continued: Health Coalitions

A CULTURE OF DEFIANCE: History of the Reform-Conservative Party of Canada

Increasing numbers of Canadians have begun to embrace a variety of alternative medicines, and are spending more and more of their dollars in health food stores. Often enough, these medicines and health food supplements have little actual medicinal or nutritional value, but the vendors of these products appear to have tapped into a widespread and dangerous anti-science tendency.(1)
What Lethbridge is referring to is the 'quackery' industry, not legitimate homeopaths and health stores. And when I looked into some of the people involved in this 'quackery' movement he's right on target. And the thinking is probably that those who follow this industry, would be more receptive to listening to it's other "extreme-right" messages.

Consumer Health Organization of Canada

At the time the article was written, Libby Gardon was heading up the CHOC. Lethbridge continues:

A case in point is the Consumer Health Organization of Canada's (CHOC)Total Health convention, held in Toronto, on 17-18 March 2001. Scheduled speakers, alongside the usual alternative medicine hucksters, were Eustace Mullins and Bob Baker. Mullins has a fifty year history of advocating the most vicious neo-Nazi, antisemitic, and white racist ideology. Baker is associated with Lyndon LaRouche's extreme right organizations. Is CHOC's combination of alternative medicine and right wing politics at the Total Health convention simply a mistake, or some sort of anomaly, or are there deeper and more pervasive connections between the two movements?

The late Eustache Mullins certainly was an odd choice for a 'Health' convention. You can listen to a brief interview with him soon after Obama was elected, on a site called RestoreAmericanProject, under the heading: Vote against those who deny Jesus Christ is the Son of God! From their website:

Restore America Project was born March 9, 2008, on the 85th Birthday of Eustace Clarence Mullins. We are dedicated to presenting the truth to a world that has been compromised by misleading Educators, Teachers, Ministers and organizations that have been controled [sic] by a handful of evil people.

We promise to work tirelessly to improve the knowledge of our people and affect
positive change in the world around us. We affirm the importance of working together to find solutions. We will operate lawfully and respectfully in all matters. We will not profit from our endeavors. We believe in fairness for all. Restore America Project will not waiver in the conviction to create a better world for all citizens.

We subscribe to the following solution to rid ourselves of the Evil Executive, Judicial and Legislative members in our government. 2 Chronicles 7:14: "If my people which are called by my name, shall humble themselves and pray, and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways: Then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land."

It is time for Christians and those other patriots to stand up against the encroaching evil on our land. The true target of the evil doers is to wipe Christianity from the face of the earth. Founders: Eustace C. Mullins, Mark W. Blackburn

A founding member of the group is L.A. Samples, and you can be linked from this site to his Global Prayer Outreach. They too are working toward the Great American Revival:

I believe that only a move of God through-out America will save our nation from impending collapse in all areas of our society. Historically, great moves of God in America and around the world, were preceded by intercessory prayer. ... This nation is now held captive Spirit, Soul and Body by satan [sic]. The hedge is down and we as a country have been bitten by serpants [sic] ... We, the children, must break these satanic chains of darkness off of our nation so that the light of the gospel of Jesus Christ may shine again. It is now so very important that the many churches and prayer groups begin to pray for our country from a common platform, on the same page, as one. If we do it the way God said, then He will hear from Heaven and heal our land (2Chronicles7:14). A national sovereign move of God is the only answer!

Mullins himself, among other horrendous comments about Jews, wrote in his, The Secret Holocaust:
The real holocaust was a Christian Holocaust by Jews of sixty-six million, mostly Christians. The devastation of civilization to date by the rapacious hordes of Godless Communism, as well as their planned annihilation of all non-Jewish societies and political organizations, began to ravage the world in the nineteenth century. It has resulted in incredible suffering and death for many millions of Christian victims in many parts of the world.
He is clearly from the Holocaust Denial, Protocols of Zion crowd. Yet as Lethbridge points out:

Libby Gardon, the president of CHOC, when confronted with the nature of Mullins' work ... said she "was unaware of Mr. Mullins' early writings in which he challenged the authenticity of Holocaust reports and made several unfounded anti-Semitic slurs." Now this is a very interesting and half-hearted disavowal, to say the least. Gardon has reportedly known Mullins for fifteen years. Her organization openly sold Mullins' hate propaganda ... He has written that Jewish priests drink the blood of little white boys, that Jews are "furry scavengers who have found their way through the sewers into ever civilized place," and that "the Christian peoples totter on the verge of worldwide annihilation by the Jewish master scheme."

And he was invited to speak at a 'Health' conference in Toronto? The National Post wrote at the time:

Organizers of next month's Total Health show have refused to drop an anti-Semitic writer from their speakers list, triggering outrage among Jewish groups and conference sponsors. As revealed by the National Post yesterday, Virginia author Eustace Mullins, who in his books has described Jews as "parasites" who control the world economy and murder Christian babies for blood rituals, is scheduled to speak on medical and financial monopolies at next month's show.

"At this point in time, Mr. Mullins will continue to participate in this event. Any decision to remove him from the program will have to be discussed by the board of directors," said a statement released yesterday by the Consumer Health Organization, the group putting on the show.

John Gardon, a founding member of the health organization, was defiant. "Do you think we're going to cancel a speaker?" Mr. Gardon said. "It's excellent publicity. People will come to hear his side of the story." His wife, Libby Gardon, president of the organization, said she has known Mr. Mullins for 15 years and never heard him make anti-Semitic remarks. (2)

Is she kidding me?

And then look at some of the other speakers at this 'Health' conference, including David Icke, who is described as a British Conspiracy theorist, though I think just "Icke" is appropriate. One of his theories is that "... the Illuminati plot to take over the world is actually being carried out by a race of extraterrestrial reptiles in human form. They are described, literally, as being child-sacrificing, blood-drinking Satan-worshippers capable of changing their shape." (3)

And Bob Baker with the Lydon Larouche Youth Movement and the Schiller Institute. Larouche was in the news recently after the death of Jeffrey Duggan, who many people believe was murdered by someone or several people from the group. Larouche released a statement "describing the media reports as a press "hoax" orchestrated by Dick Cheney, then the Vice-President of the United States, and Cheney's wife."

But probably the most disturbing guest speaker (and yes even more disturbing than Mr. Icke) was David Butterfield, one of those anti-tax guys. No, I mean one of THOSE anti-tax guys. He recently wrote on the site
Eventually, the masses will realize that their only hope for freedom, now that "constant vigilance" is a moot point, will come through mass civil disobedience. Of course this also means that those masses will have to be committed to "Live free or die." What are our chances of that happening? Without first educating those masses of the rights and freedoms to which they are lawfully entitled, the chances are slightly less than zero.
And that site links to several 'Health' product sites. I believe that David Lethbridge may be on to something. Orrrrrrr ... maybe he's an "extraterrestrial reptile in human form". I wonder.

Now again I stress that this does not mean that all or even most health product providers are involved with extreme right-wing politics, but there is a group that appear to be (allegedly) using the industry as a cover.

Which brings me to David Lethbridge's next organization for discussion: Citizens' Voice for Health Rights (CVHR), run by Debbie Anderson. According to Lethbridge, Anderson is also a member of the National Executive, as well as BC Chair, of the Progressive Group for Independent Business (PGIB), the organization of Craig Chandler. She spoke at a "Unite the Right" conference, sharing a stage with Link Byfield and Stockwell Day.

Now simply speaking at a conference with someone means absolutely nothing. Guilt by association, is hardly legitimate. However, Chandler is, and was, directly involved in the political success of Stockwell Day, Mike Harris and Stephen Harper. Maybe not in the way he often brags, but he did provide money and support to all three, and is a card carrying member of Canada's Religious Right movement.

That's coming up.


1. Prescription For Fascism: Alternative Medicine and Right-Wing Politics, By David Lethbridge, April 2001

2. Health show stands by anti-Semite: 'Excellent publicity,' organizer says, By: Nate Hendley, National Post, February 22, 2001

3. New Age Meets The Third Reich - David Icke & the Politics Of Madness, By Will Offley, Everywoman's Health Centre in British Columbia, March 7, 2000

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