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Friday, May 7, 2010

Chapter Twenty-One: The Illuminati and Such

A CULTURE OF DEFIANCE: History of the Reform-Conservative Party of Canada

Personally, I have little doubt that in working through Jews, the Jewish financial group has sacrificed its own people on the altar of its greed for power and this group is preeminently responsible for the poisonous anti-Semitism which is rampant in the world today. William Aberhart (1)

While Social Credit was about monetary reform and creating a new economic model, it was also rooted in deep anti-Semitism and the notion of a Jewish conspiracy to take over the world.

This sentiment would increase as Social Credit became more popular and for several years would help to define the movement.

It embraced not only the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, but also the Talmud Unmasked and Henry Ford's The International Jew.

And then as many members became more involved with this area of the movement, the Illuminati*, Freemasonry and the New World Order, also became part of their vernacular. So a brief history.

Adam Weshaupt and the Illuminati

Adam Weishaupt was born on February 6, 1748 in Ingolstadt, a city in Bavaria, into a Jewish orthodox family. However, they would eventually convert to the Roman Catholic faith and Adam was sent to a Jesuit monastery school for his education.

But he would later rebel against Jesuit discipline, and began to become interested in the occult, establishing a secret society for others with similar interests.

Their reported mandate was to transform the human race.
“Its members, pledged to obedience to their superiors, were divided into three main classes; the first including novices, minervals and lesser illuminati the second consisting,” like the Freemasons, of “ordinary, Scottish and Scottish Knights, and the third, or mystery class, comprising two grades of priest and regent, and of magus and king [Illuminatus Rex]." (2)

Every candidate had to give a written promise to tell nobody of this society. Their five goals in creating this New World Order were:

1. Abolition of monarchies and all ordered governments

2. Abolition of private property and inheritances

3. Abolition of patriotism and nationalism

4. Abolition of family life and the institution of marriage, and the establishment of communal education of children.

5. Abolition of all religion.

By drawing upon Europe's “best and brightest,” Adam was confident that the order could attain its goals. He wrote, “The pupils are convinced that the Order will rule the world. Every member therefore becomes a ruler. We all think of ourselves as qualified to rule. It is therefore an alluring thought both to good and bad men.

Therefore the Order will spread.” He also urged his followers not to shrink from committing violence or criminal acts in meeting Illuminati objectives, writing, “Sin is only that which is hurtful, and if the profit is greater than the damage, the leaders would rule the World with uncontrollable power, while all the rest would be employed as tools of the ambition of their unknown superiors”. “Proofs of a Conspiracy” was sent to George Washington who replied that he was aware that the Illuminati were in America and that they had “diabolical tenets”. (2)

That the secret society existed is indisputable. In fact when George Washington was advised that they were active in America, he claimed to be aware of them and acknowledged that they had "diabolical tenets".

They seem to have taken on new life, partly due to Dan Brown's novels, and there are many who link Bilderberg, Freemasonry and the Illuminati to a plan for a New World Order.

However, my only interest is in their historical context, and they did become part of the belief system of many Social Credit members.

Nesta Webster

Nesta Webster (1876-1960) was a member of Oswald Mosley's fascist party and a student of the Illuminati. She argued that the secret society's members were occultists, plotting communist world domination using the idea of a Jewish cabal, the Masons and Jesuits as a smokescreen.

She was also anti-Semitic once writing "What mysteries of iniquity would be revealed if the Jew, like the mole, did not make a point of working in the dark! Jews have never been more Jews than when we tried to make them men and citizens." (3)

In 1920, she wrote a series of articles published in the London Morning Post, entitled The Jewish Peril, centering on the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and the French Revolution. These articles were later compiled in book form under the title The Cause of World Unrest, which became immensely popular. Even Winston Churchill read the book and stated: "This movement among the Jews ... This conspiracy against civilization dates from the days of Weishaupt ... as a modern historian Mrs. Webster has so ably shown, [played] a definitely recognisable part in the tragedy of the French Revolution"

Webster's writings would also help to form the basis of a book written by Major Clifford Douglas.

Major Douglas and the Big Idea

The Major's earliest belief was in "a very deeply laid and well developed plot of enslaving the industrial world to the German-American Jewish financiers." However, by the 1930s he no longer mentioned any German-American element, but wrote only of Jews.

He also began to publish a series of articles, later in book form, under the title The Big Idea, with the theme that the Jews had conspired to unleash the war and that both Germany and the Allies were serving the ends of "The Big Idea," or a Jewish conspiracy.

He saw World War II as "the war of the Old Testament against the New Testament, of anti-Christ against Christ." Two philosophies were "at death grips;" that of "world domination and the materialistic Messiah" and "individual freedom." This conspiracy of the Jews was only the latest in a long chain of events caused by them, stretching far back into history, according to Douglas. Their "shadow government" had brought about the Glorious Revolution in England, the American and French Revolutions and the Bolshevik Revolution, all of which had "tended to the advantage of Germany." Among other Douglas gems contained in the pamphlet were the following: "While all international financiers are not Jews, many are, and the observable policy of these Jews and Freemasonry is that of the Talmud;" "the most dangerous enemy of the British people has been a group of German-American Jews;"

"Hitler [was] the grandson of an illegitimate daughter of Baron Rothschild of Vienna;" "Admiral Canaris, head of German military intelligence, was a Jew named Moses Meyerbeer." Douglas cautioned his readers not to be fooled by the apparent anti-Semitism of the Nazis because Hitler was, in reality, following a "Talmudic Jew policy and philosophy."13 Such fantastic ravings seem beyond explanation.

Douglas based much of his Jewish conspiracy idea on the writings and research of Nesta Webster, daughter of a British Member of Parliament, mystic and hater of Jews, who published her work about the Jewish conspiracy in the early 1920s. (4)

And Douglas's work would be distributed by an agency of the Alberta government: the Alberta Social Credit Board.


* James Keegstra, the Alberta school teacher who taught that the Holocaust was a hoax, was a firm believer that the Jews were working through the Illuminati to destroy Christianity and take over the world. (5)


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