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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Update on Young Americans for Freedom

After posting on Kyle Bristow and Young Americans for Freedom, I received an email from their director Jordan Marks. He updated my information and added a few corrections.

1. Kyle Bristow is no longer with YAF
2. Leadership Institute does not run YAF. We have our own offices and our own recruitment staff.
- Morton is an alumni and there likes to promote YAF.
3. We are not like Youth for Western Civilization, they are folks that broke from YAF when their ideology was not being advanced through our organization.
4. We do not advance, but fight hatred, bigotry, and racism.

I'm glad he took the time to respond to my post and am pleased that they purged their organization from people like Kyle Bristow, whom I don't think is a bad sort, just terribly misguided.

I like to see young people getting involved in politics, but get very discouraged when I read about the antics of groups like Youth for Western Civilization and similar on Canadian campuses.

I can now promote YAF and a large group of young Evangelicals who have adopted social gospel philosophies.

I'll still be following this movement closely and will post positive along with the negative. Thank you Mr. Marks.

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    Jordan Marks is a fraud.