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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Exaggerated Fear Where the Real Danger is Panic

The above is part six of the award winning BBC documentary; Power of Nightmares.

From two men, who decades ago had a vision of a corrupt society based on liberalism; the modern day ideologies of Christian extremism and Islamic extremism, have been spawned.

Neoconservatism that demanded a great myth, fueled by religious fervour, and unbridled patriotism; has become a very powerful force.

It is a new force in Canada though. The Harper government is the first to govern under the concept of an elite group, whose goal is simply to control the ignorant masses, while pursuing an agenda where our interests come last; if they make the radar at all.

Will it score it a victory or will Canadians finally realize that the 'big myth' was the notion that a movement of reform to create a corporate theocracy, that began in Depression Era Alberta; represents Conservatism in Canada.

The Tory party that was started by Sir John A. MacDonald disbanded in 2003. Will it start up again? I hope so.

In 2004, Stephen Harper gave a speech to the right-wing Civitas Society:

The state should take a more activist role in policing social norms and values, Harper told the assembled conservatives. To achieve this goal, social and economic conservatives must reunite as they have in the U.S., where evangelical Christians and business rule in an unholy alliance. Red Tories must be jettisoned from the party, he said, and alliances forged with ethnic and immigrant communities who currently vote Liberal but espouse traditional family values. This was the successful strategy counselled by the neocons under Ronald Reagan to pull conservative Democrats into the Republican tent.

Movement towards the goal must be "incremental," he said, so the public won't be spooked.

We need the public to get spooked, not by fantasy enemies, but by the real threat that this neoconservative movement imposes.

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